Petite Bathroom, Apartment

Great things can be created in small spaces. This apartment bathroom was in dire need of a refresh and with a restrictive budget combined with a small footprint to work with, it was going to be difficult. 

Fortunately, the client showed a lot of flexibility and was willing to try things outside of their comfort zone. With this project we started with a clean canvas, removing all tiles, wall accessories and existing bathroom suit. We replaced the previous suite with a modern suit, showing crisp neat edges. To emphasise the contemporary feel, we introduced tiles which reflect light, with a slight shine to them. To add a little more storage space we also installed a wall mounted vanity unit with beautiful built in lights, for low-light situations. 

This petite bathroom installation turned out to be a great project and one which is very close to our hearts. A great example of what a modern bathroom can be with a little time and concentration.


Darren Shaw - 21.jpg
Small bathrooms are common place but not all of them need to be the same.
Richard Pickul