En-suite Wet Room Installation

Small spaces are often the most difficult to work with. Restrictions in space means that each decision needs to be deliberate, as even half an inch can be the difference between having space for a bath tub or standing shower. 

Fortunately for Emperor Bathrooms the client was willing to be brave and allow our team to design a bathroom which took them a little out of their comfort zone but resulted in a bathroom they were super happy about.

The ensuite room was 1.4m x 1.6m and was a cramped space simply due to a few inefficient product choices by the previous tenant.

We decided to avoid placing any items on the floor, increasing the perceived floorspace and helping to provide a little more standing space. Embedding shelves into the wall ensured the standing space was protected and gave it a more modern aesthetic. Both the basin and soap shelves were elevated, off the floor and the shower screen was removed. Altogether, the final ensuite bathroom installation looks superb and provides sufficient space to comfortably use the furniture unhindered. 

Small spaces can become home to enormous ideas, in the right hands.
Richard Pickul