Colchester, Classic Family Bathroom

This family bathroom in Colchester worked really well. Combining classic colours like black, blue, white and grey really mixes some fantastic and timeless elements together. 

We designed this bathroom to serve multiples purposes and to ensure the entire family was happy, from parents to children.  We started with granite tiles on both the floor and wall, layered atop of a rather luxurious underfloor heating. With the bath tub, we introduced a contrast design which were perfectly inline with the taps (mid-way down the bath length). For the basin, we introduced a double width vanity unit which also discretely hides the cistern whilst also providing enough storage space the families toiletries. With a chrome tower radiator installed to ensure this room remains one of the cosiest rooms in the house. 

Classic colours combined. A modern and simple family bathroom.
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Darren Shaw - 24.jpg
Richard Pickul